Tsingshan's Nickel Plan

By now, we are all well aware of the big players in the Electric Vehicle revolution: Tesla, NIO, and even old-economy Volkswagen have become synonymous with the EV sector in less than a ...

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Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology - Transforming the Financial Worldnavigation-next-alternate

To accompany our webinar on the emerging Blockchain sector (which you can view on the past events page), we have answered some of the questions our audience asked, encompassing technical enquiries, ...


Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Market in 2021navigation-next-alternate

Hydrogen Fuel Cells (HFCs) have been known since 1842, when a Judge from Swansea, Sir William Robert Grove, designed a rudimentary version in his home laboratory. Since then, there have been many ...


Silver & Photovoltaics – A new solution using old materialsnavigation-next-alternate

Two of South America's greatest rivers, the Uruguay and the Paraná, slide into each other about halfway down the continent, combining to form a mighty estuary, second only to the Amazon ...


Carbon Emissionsnavigation-next-alternate

Carbon emissions are being brought down as a result of a range of initiatives with different objectives.  International agreements, such as the UN Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, mandated ...


Wind Powernavigation-next-alternate

Heat from the sun, converted into wind in the earth’s atmosphere, is used to power wind turbines.  Turbines are powered by rotor blades that function like airplane wings, the spinning ...


Electric Vehiclesnavigation-next-alternate

In 2019, Electric Vehicles (EVs) accounted for just 0.5% of the world’s vehicles, however by 2025, it's expected that 7% of all passenger vehicles will be electric, rising to 38% by ...