The RICI Index - Tapping the Dynamics of Worldwide Commodity Consumption

The Rogers International Commodity Index (RICI Index) is a broad based, USD denominated, total return composite index that was designed in the late 1990s by Jim Rogers, the renowned ...

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Tsingshan's Nickel Plannavigation-next-alternate

By now, we are all well aware of the big players in the Electric Vehicle revolution: Tesla, NIO, and even old-economy Volkswagen have become synonymous with the EV sector in less than a ...


Blockchain: Disrupting the Global Commodity Industrynavigation-next-alternate

DLT is a digital system that records transactions chronologically while storing and verifying them simultaneously across other locations and nodes



Rare Earths - Widely Used, Strategically Importantnavigation-next-alternate

Rare earths are a group of 17 minerals, all metals, consisting of yttrium, the 15 lanthanide elements and scandium.  Rare earth oxide compounds are widely used – although generally ...


Battery Technology – An Industry of the Future?navigation-next-alternate

We fielded many questions from the audience, not all of which we had the time to answer fully on the day – if you have additional queries on the below, feel free to message us at ...


Gigafactories and Energy Densitynavigation-next-alternate

A huge number of electric vehicles are required to cut greenhouse gases from internal combustion engine-powered vehicles, necessitating massive scale ‘gigafactories’.  ...


Basel III: Gold’s Journey to the Moon and Backnavigation-next-alternate

Basel III is a set of international regulatory rules based on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and general market liquidity. It aims to improve the 3 key features of regulation, ...


The Distributed Ledger Technology Transformationnavigation-next-alternate

Distributed Ledger Technology, such as blockchain, promises to transform both businesses and peoples’ private lives: not only by revolutionising record keeping and transaction ...


The Need for Speed on the Way to a Net Zero Carbon Economynavigation-next-alternate

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think about super sports cars - be it a McLaren, a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini? Most likely, it’ll be the roar of that robust engine - ...


Dr. Copper Electrifying the Worldnavigation-next-alternate

Why do we call it Dr. Copper? Across the business cycle, copper is very highly correlated with global GDP and industrial production. Hence, the performance of the economy can be related to the ...


Electric Vehicles Go Mainstreamnavigation-next-alternate

Until recently, mass adoption of Electric Vehicle (EV) technology has been concentrated primarily in the small vehicle category, targeted at reducing the numbers of the highly polluting two- and ...